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Virgo - Final Battle by brianne333 Virgo - Final Battle by brianne333
This picture has been a long time coming - a lot of time, effort, and thought went into it - and I can only hope that it shows, and that Sayda likes it :)

The idea of this picture was that I was to design an outfit for Virgo (who is a member of the Mael'kai race, which also belongs to Sayda) that would be her "Final Battle" armor. After much thought, I decided to design this armor based off of both her original outfit design and her weapon (which I opted to keep the same). I made a point of making all of the metal much darker though as I felt it gave her a more serious "dark" appearance, which I thought was somewhat fitting.

I also decided at the last minute that I was going to "paint" her face - originally I had her facial features inked in - and I liked the contrast it offered up against the rest of her, so I kept it.

This was drawn entirely in Photoshop, then colored in Painter.

I would recommend full view, even appreciate it since I think a lot is lost in this thumbnail lol. I've also included some detail shots, which you can view over here -->

Virgo is (c) to
Art is (c) to ME

Also - per usual lately, I've disabled comments on this. Please understand that it is not because I don't appreciate any support I get from you guys. Quite the opposite actually. I just don't really have the time to read very many comments here at DA right now. It wouldn't be very fair of me to let you guys leave me the usual thoughtful and kind comments here, and then not be able to give them the attention they deserve. But, as always, I continue to truly appreciate your support and kindness. :) Love to you all :heart:
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August 29, 2005
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